The First Announcement (Deadline for submission is August 31, 2021)

华人运动生理与体适能学者学会(SCSEPF)是一个是非盈利性的专业学术组织,旨在推动运动生理学和体适能的学术进步和发展。受疫情形势的影响,理事会决定第十九届 SCSEPF年会暨学术大会将于20211023-24日采用线上会议的形式举行,由中国山东的山东体育学院承办。会议主题是:抗疫下体育运动的可持续发展Sustainability of Sports and Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic)。现真诚的邀请您参加本次学术大会。

SCSEPF is a non-profit professional organization committed exclusively to the advancement and improvement of exercise physiology and fitness. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Council has decided that the 19th SCSEPF Annual Conference, hosted by Shandong Sport University, Shandong, China, will be held in the form of an online conference on October 23-24, 2021.

The main theme of the Conference is Sustainability of Sports and Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I hereby invite you to participate in the 19th annual SCSEPF conference.


促进在运动生理学的理论、运动训练及体适能等领域为主的应用生理学研究;为华人运动生理学及体适能工作者,提供一个展示其最新研究成果和讨论当前研究热点的论坛;推广运动生理学教学和研究的先进经验和方法;促进 SCSEPF与世界及国内有关的学术组织进行运动生理学及体适能相关科学的学术交流和合作。

To promote applied physiology research in areas such as the theory of exercise physiology, athletic training and physical fitness; To provide a forum for Chinese scholars of exercise physiology and fitness practitioners to present their latest research results and discuss current research hotspots; To popularize the advanced experience and methods in the teaching and research of exercise physiology; To promote academic exchanges and cooperation between SCSEPF and international and domestic academic organizations in exercise physiology and physical fitness related sciences.

2.主办及承办(Host and Organization)


Organizer: The Society of Chinese Scholar on Exercise Physiology Fitness, SCSEPF


Host: Shandong Sport University

3.会议时间及平台(Time and Platform)


October 23-24, 2021   Tencent Meeting APP

4.大会学术委员会(Academic Committee)


傅浩坚教授  香港浸会大学

Prof. Frank Fu Hoo Kin, Hong Kong Baptist University

毛德伟教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Mao Dewei, Shandong Sport University

■ 荣誉委员Honour Chairman

杨锡让教授  北京体育大学

Prof. Yang Xirang, Beijing Sport University

杨天乐教授  国家体育总局运动医学研究所

Prof. Yang Tianle, National Institute of Sports Medicine

林正常教授  中国文化大学

Prof. Lin Jung-Charng, Chinese Culture University

■ 主任委员Chairman

傅浩坚教授  香港浸会大学

Prof. Frank Fu Hoo Kin, Hong Kong Baptist University

■ 副主任委员Vice Chairman

刘沅龙教授  美国西密歇根大学

Prof. Liu Yuanlong, Western Michigan University, USA

林贵福教授  台湾清华大学

Prof. Lin Kuei-Fu, Taiwan Tsing Hua University

张勇教授  天津体育学院

Prof. Zhang Yong, Tianjin University of Sport

■ 委员Members

何玉秀教授  河北师范大学

Prof. He Yuxiu, Hebei Normal University

周石教授  澳大利亚南十字星大学

Prof. Zhou Shi, Southern Cross University, New South Wales

王香生教授  香港中文大学

Prof. Stephen Wong Heung-Sang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

周碧珠教授  香港浸会大学

Prof. Chow Bik Chu, Hong Kong Baptist University

李再立教授  台湾体育大学

Prof. Li Tzai-li, Taiwan Sports University

汤长发教授  湖南师范大学

Prof. Tang Changfa, Hunan Normal University

张日辉教授  沈阳体育学院

Prof. Zhang Rihui, Shenyang Sport University

田振军教授  陕西师范大学

Prof. Tian Zhenjun, Shaanxi Normal University

郑景峰教授  台湾师范大学

Prof. Cheng Ching-Feng, Taiwan Normal University

郭堉圻教授  台北护理健康大学

Prof. Kuo Yu-Chi, Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences

孔兆伟副教授  澳门大学

Assoc Prof. Kong Zhaowei, University of Macau

聂金雷副教授  澳门理工学院

Assoc Prof. Nie Jinlei, Macao Polytechnic Institute

章岚教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Zhang Lan, Shandong Sport University


5.大会学术组委会 (Organization Committee)

■ 主席  Chairman

毛德伟教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Mao Dewei, Shandong Sport University

傅浩坚教授  香港浸会大学

Prof. Frank Fu Hoo Kin, Hong Kong Baptist University

■ 副主席 Vice chairman

魏平教授  山东体育学院

Prof.  Wei Ping, Shandong Sport University

章岚教授  山东体育学院

Prof.  Zhang Lan, Shandong Sport University

隋波教授  山东体育学院

Prof.  Sui Bo, Shandong Sport University

■ 执行副主席Executive Vice- Chairman

单涛副教授  山东体育学院

Assoc Prof. Shan Tao, Shandong Sport University

孔兆伟副教授  澳门大学

Assoc Prof. Kong Zhaowei, University of Macau

■ 委员 Members

刘沅龙教授  美国西密歇根大学

Prof. Liu Yuanlong, Western Michigan University

王香生教授  香港中文大学

Prof. Stephen Wong Heung-Sang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

周碧珠教授  香港浸会大学

Prof. Chow Bik Chu, Hong Kong Baptist University

李再立教授  台湾体育大学

Prof. Li Tzai-Li, Taiwan Sports University

何玉秀教授  河北师范大学

Prof. He Yuxiu, Hebei Normal University

焦姣博士  香港浸会大学

Dr. Jiao Jiao Jojo, Hong Kong Baptist University

吴耀宇教授   山东体育学院

Prof. Wu Yaoyu, Shandong Sport University

董贵俊教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Dong Guijun, Shandong Sport University

田雪文教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Tian Xuewen, Shandong Sport University

沙继斌教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Sha Jibin, Shandong Sport University

高丽教授  山东体育学院

Prof. Gao Li, Shandong Sport University

宋褀鹏副教授  山东体育学院

Assoc Prof. Song Qipeng, Shandong Sport University

李永峰副教授  山东体育学院

Assoc Prof. Li Yongfeng, Shandong Sport University

周志鹏副教授  山东体育学院

Assoc Prof. Zhou Zhipeng, Shandong Sport University

黄传业副教授  山东体育学院

Assoc Prof. Huang Chuanye, Shandong Sport University

吴大明先生  山东体育学院

Mr. Wu Daming, Shandong Sport University

6.会议主题 (Theme)

 抗疫下体育运动的可持续发展(Sustainability of Sports and Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic),涉及到以下专题:

 抗疫下的体适能与健康促进(Fitness and Health Promotion during the COVID-19 Pandemic

 分子与细胞运动生理学(Molecular and Cellular Exercise Physiology

 慢性疾病与运动(Chronic Diseases and Exercise

 体育教学中的生理学监控(Physiological Monitoring in Teachingof Physical Education)、运动性疲劳及恢复方法(Exercise-induced Fatigue and Recovery Methods

 运动能力的评定(Function Evaluation in Exercise Performance

 运动营养及中医药在运动中的应用(Nutrition in Sports and Applications of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Exercise

 竞技运动生理学监控(Physiological Monitoring of Athletic Sports

 相关学科研究(Related Discipline Investigations

7.会议形式及会议语言(Patten for Presentations and Conference Language)


Keynote Lecture, Invited Lecture, Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation.

Chinese or English.



SCSEPF members and those who are interested in exercise physiology and physical fitness. The conference size is expected to be 200 participants.



Deadline for abstract submission: August 31, 2021. Only abstracts received by deadline are guaranteed acceptance into the conference proceeding.

投稿方式(Abstract Submission)




All abstracts will be reviewed separately and the results will be informed to either get accepted or rejected by September 15, 2021. Author(s) is expected to show the preference for oral or poster presentation. Original studies are welcomed.

论文摘要要求(Requirements for abstract)


The author(s) needs to ensure the objective authenticity of the paper and affirms the commitment to non-academic misconduct. Author(s) should be responsible for his/her/their work, which has not been presented or published previously.

会议接收中文或英文摘要稿件,请以Microsoft word格式排版,格式要求如下:

Abstract in Chinese or English would be accepted but it must be saved in a Microsoft Word document. The format of abstract is listed as follows:


Thesis title: SongTi/Simsun, HeiTi, 12 pt font, bold, centered.


Author's Name: SongTi, KaiTi, 12 pt, centered and commas between the authors.


Author's affiliation: affiliation, city, postcode and separated by commas. A format of Songti/Simsun Regular 10.5 pt font, centered. For more than one author, please use superscript letters to match authors and affiliations.

摘要正文:600-1000 (可含必要的图表),文字力求准确、精练、通顺,按照目的、方法、结果、结论4部分撰写,摘要正文五号宋体通栏排: 行间距为15倍。关键词: 在摘要下方需列出关键词3-5个。

Abstract body: The abstract should be accurate, concise and coherent with a 600-1000 word summary (including necessary charts) including four parts namely purpose, methods, results and conclusion. It is formatted with the SongTi Regular 10.5 pt font and 15-point line spacing. One line space after the body of the abstract, 3 to 5 key words should be listed.


The conference proceeding is only being provided electronically, and please follow up the abstract requirements strictly. A full paper is required if the accepted abstract would be participated in excellent paper award. Attendees who intend to register and pay for as students must provide the valid student IDs onsite. Please pay attention to the acceptance notice of the second round announcement.

所有大会录用的摘要将在《第十九届华人运动生理与体适能学者学会年会暨学术大会论文摘要集》发表。优秀之论文可提交学会的国际学术期刊《Joumal of Exercise Science and Fitness》发表。

All accepted abstracts will be presented in the 19th SCSEPF Annual Conference and the excellent papers may be submitted for publication in the official peer-reviewed journal of the Society, Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/journal-of-exercise-science-and-fitness)


The primary languages of the conference are Chinese and English. In order to encourage the use of English, abstracts in English have the priority of being considered when other conditions are equivalent.



First prize of excellent paper5 quotas);Second prize of excellent paper10 quotas

11.重要时间(Important Dates)




Deadline for abstract submission: August 31, 2021

Date to notify to authors: September 15, 2021

Deadline for Registration: Undetermined



US$30 or RMB 200 (based on the month-to-date exchange rate)

13.组委会联系方式(Contact Us)

会议组委会通讯地址 (Address)

中国山东省济南市历城区唐冶街道世纪大道10600 (邮编:250102)

10600 Shiji Avenue, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong, China


山东体育学院,研究生教育学院 (第十九届 SCSEPF年会组委会)

Shandong Sport University, Graduate School of Education (Organization Committee of 19th SCSEPF)



Email: wudaming@sdpei.edu.cn or shantao@sdpei.edu.cn


Tel: 1506919777818660816877